-Added battery percentage and current time to 2D interface
-Added font support for more languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese


-Added 2D user interface for those who prefer one. Toggle it in the System Settings page (far right)


- Added 5 new backgrounds (apocalypse, desert, and 3 sci-fi)
- Divided Recently Added list by library names
- Added On Deck, and Continue Watching sections


- Added shadows to UI
- Added ability to show solid panels under UI instead of transparency mode
- Fixed bug with search filter and TV shows folders
- When logging in and you are no longer authorized it will return to the login method screen instead of username/password
- Fixed bug with keyboard not always appearing during search input
- Fixed some minor UI bugs


- Added support for music
- Added support for photos. Set gamma to 1.0 when viewing
- Minor bugs fixed related to login UI


- Added login method startup menu
- Added option to authorize using a 4 letter code instead of email/password
- Added Browser and Controls distance settings in system options
- Reduced the number of options panels that are visible at once
- Fixed bugs related to logging out
- Fixed a bug and added more debug information if you log but don't have any users


- Added "Recently Added" section. Results are limited to the first 20 matches in each library on the server.
- Fixed some minor bugs with the browser
- Made the debug log longer
- Now ignoring unsupported subtitle formats


- Added support for external subtitles in .SRT format. To use, make sure the subtitles contain a language code before the srt extension in the filename. (ie You can use the subtitle search feature in Plex to download and it should name them correctly for you.
- Increased the render resolution, fixing clarity and subtitle aliasing issues.
- Fixed a bug where current subtitle and audio track weren't getting reset when switching videos
- Fixed default curve not getting set when switching to 180 SBS videos


- Sped up opening and closing media
- Fixed an issue with resuming videos where you left off being inconsistent
- May have fixed an issue with some videos not starting


- Updated to latest Meta SDK for better hand tracking and other features
- No longer showing synthetic hands when controllers are active
- Changed color, shape and sound of buttons and other minor UI details
- Fixed bug from last build where screen was visible behind you when logging in
- Changed "Anchor at Hand" to "Anchor at Controller" to avoid confusion since this only works with controllers.


- Added round corner mask for thumbnails
- Cleaned up some UI elements and improved resolution, added mipmaps for less aliasing
- Changed the shape of the scrollbar handle
- Fixed a bug playing the wrong audio track when opening the same movie more than once in a row
- Fixed a bug with aspect ratio when toggling AR mode


- Improved browser for handling libraries with almost infinite files. Browser recycles thumbnails and doesn't slow down depending on how many movies you have
- Browser scrolling at a constant speed using controllers
- Movie info now shows video resolution
- Added format to movie titles (3D, 180 or 360)


-Fixed a bug with the scene selection that could prevent the app from starting properly


- Added AR (green screen) support
- Added mono 360 viewing mode
- Added display of number of matches
- Improved UI audio so sounds don't get cut off when switching menus


- Added watchlist inside server so you can search watchlist across libraries (Note that watchlist only works for known movies, not TV show episodes)
- Added 3D props, including sofa and cinema scenes
- Fixed TV show thumbnail resolution
- Centered browser title
- Hid watchlist icons for series since it isn't supported by Plex


- Added to the movie info page: director name, genres, actor list, runtime, rating icons
- Added ability to view and set user rating on movie info page
- Added universal watchlist support
- Added ability to mark as watched/unwatched
- Added filters for watchlist, unwatched, and ratings
- Added viewing offset to thumbnails
- Playing any video now resumes where you left off
- Reduced app size further
- Added Season, Episode, and Year to posters in browser
- Sped up browser
- Other minor bugs fixed


- Subtitles are back
- Added grouping content by server to the library window. Servers can be collapsed or expanded.
- Changed the time to include the length of the video.
- MKV and MP4 videos that have the 3D format flag set are now drawing correctly without needing to remove this flag from the headers or possibly re-encoding.
- Added more controls when you are placing anchor. Up/down on left joystick changes the distance, while up/down on the right joystick changes the scale.
- Compressed more textures to reduce the file size


- Fixed a bug that prevented more than one server being listed


- Fixed the timeline issues from previous build
- Removed subtitles until a fix is available


- Fixed a bug in the subtitle rendering
- Automatically sets aspect ratio for half/full SBS and other videos
- Made it easier to click on libraries and movies without scrolling
- Fixed 180 curve settings not being set when you first start playing


- Fixed a bug in the ratings display
- Added some sounds to the interface


- Fixed a bug where movies without ratings wouldn't be processed correctly


- Change some sound effects
- Improved user interface with buttons that move when you hover
- Fixed a bug that would prevent movie thumbnails from loading if you changed libraries while they were still loading
- Made fetching library contents more robust, will continue processing if an error happens with one of the videos
- Added more debug log info while fetching library contents to track down any issues


- New font and lots of user interface improvements
- No longer have to sign in with username and password every time
- Supports secure connections
- Tries to connect to servers using all connection methods available
- Added on screen debug log that can help solve connection issues
- Added login note about how to use 2FA


- Added re-centering when long pressing the Oculus button and recenter menu from hand controls
- Added full hand interaction support.


-Initial Release


The following is a list of features that will likely be added in the future.

- Display alphabet and/or current letter on scrollbar
- More backgrounds
- More 3D scenes