Movie Deck is the best way to watch movies on your VR headset.

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You can purchase Movie Deck from the App Lab here.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this really a Plex Client?
A: Yes. Movie Deck doesn't require any extra PC software to mirror or stream since it is a real Plex client. It connects directly to your Plex Server from your Meta Quest headset.

Q: Can I play movies when I am away from home?
A: Yes. Enable remote access on your Plex server and you will be able to log in from anywhere and watch movies provided your bandwidth is high enough.

Q: What viewing modes does it support?
A: 2D, 3D side by side, 3D top over bottom, 180 degree side by side, 360 degree top over bottom.

Q: Why is this better than Virtual Desktop?
A: When using Virtual Desktop you are decoding the video on a PC, then compressing the screen, sending it to the headset, and then decompressing it again. This can introduce compression artifacts, missed frames, and timing issues. Movie Deck has PERFECT video quality because decoding is only done once directly from the video file, on the headset. For example if you have a 3D movie encoded using a constant bit rate, you will get that quality every time as intended.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: We don't collect any data. See the Privacy Policy page.

Q: What changes have been made and what will be added?
A: See the Revision History and Roadmap page.

Q: What resolutions of videos does it support?
A: 1080P (2D) 4K (2D), Half SBS 3D (1920x1080), Full SBS 3D (3840x1080), and up to 7168x3584 (180 SBS) have been tested. Movie Deck is only limited by the hardware and bandwidth of your internet connection.

Q: Can I play HDR Movies?
A: Yes, although the Oculus Quest doesn't have HDR displays. The movie will be converted automatically to SDR and displayed with the correct colors. You also have full control over gamma, brightness and saturation.

Q: Why should I pay for this?
A: Movie Deck is an application you will use for the lifetime of your VR headset! It is not a game that you will get bored with after a couple of weeks. It is more flexible and convenient than other media players and a real Plex client which makes it a vital utility to own.

Q: The controls are too close or not where I want them. How do I move the controls?
A: Holding the lower trigger on either controller will center the controls at your head location. If they are too close hold the trigger, lean forward a bit, release the trigger and lean back. The controls will remain at the location when you last held the trigger.

Q: How do I swipe through the options?
A: This requires both hands. Hold one of your hands over the Swipe bar to highlight it. Swipe right with your left hand to move the options left, and swipe left with your right hand to move the options right.

If you don't want to swipe, you can also use the joystick when the browser is closed to change option pages.

Q:How do I set an anchor so the screen stays in place?
A: There are two options:
Place an anchor using the controller. It is recommended to set the scale of the screen to be small and then scale it up once it has been placed.
Place the anchor where the screen currently is.
Either method will detach the options controls from the screen. You can then hold the grip trigger to move the controls anywhere you want in the room.

Q: I moved or lost the screen? How do I get it back?
A: Remove the anchor if set. Hold one of the grip triggers to reset the view. Change the distance and height or tap on the Reset Defaults button.

Q: Does Movie Deck store my login information? Is it safe?
A: Movie Deck stores your email on the headset for the next time you start the app, but not your password for security reasons. Since version 1.2 you no longer have to enter your password every time, and it will take you to the user selection page when starting the app, until you logout manually.

Q: Will Movie Deck send movie data outside my network when I'm at home?
A: No. When you first login it will contact the website to retrieve a list of servers and their IP addresses available to you. The app will then test each connection available and prefer local IP's over remote connections if both are available. Once a valid connection is found the app will only communicate with that IP address. One exception is the universal watchlist feature which requires contacting Plex.TV site to retrieve or store that information.

Q: Does Movie Deck need any additional storage on my headset?
A: No, Movie Deck does not save movies or cache any thumbnails of your Plex Library on the headset's memory. The only thing it saves are the options for the application.

Q: Why don't some 3D movies play correctly? I am seeing completely different images on the left and right eye?

NOTE: As of version 1.9 and later this should no longer be necessary. The 3D format flag in the file header will be ignored.

A: Change the viewing mode to 2D to first determine if the video is stored in Side-by-Side or Top Over Bottom format. If you have a 3D MKV file you may need to remove the 3D format flag in the MKV header so it will play as a regular 2D movie and then Movie Deck will be able to change how it is viewed.

I recommend MKVToolNix available from for this job.
1. Open MKVToolNix and select the Header Editor. Open the MKV file.
2. Expand the Video Track, and locate the Video Stereo mode. If this exists, check the "Remove element" box and then from the Header Editor menu select Save.
3. Reopen the file in Movie Deck and it should be playing as a normal 2D movie and allow you to change the viewing mode.

Q: How does Movie Deck automatically determine the video mode?
A: Movie Deck looks for the following strings inside the filenames:

Q: It says I'm not authorized when trying to log in?
A: Movie Deck relies on the Plex.TV website to get a list of servers available to your account. It does not scan for local Plex servers on your home network. Make sure you are using the Plex login / password for your account and not a linked account like Facebook, Google, or Apple. If you forget your password you can log in using your linked account on and then look under Settings, Account to find your email and password required for Movie Deck. From the Plex support, "Many Plex apps (such as PlayStation, Smart TVs, and Xbox) will only work when both the app and server are signed in". You can try logging in to Plex.TV from a browser on your device to make sure you can be authorized and servers are accessible.

Q: I can login but I don't see any libraries?
A: There are a few reason why this might happen.